Thursday, November 11, 2010

Back to Back Posts: English Food

So after I wrote the last post, I was talking to Mary about English food. Both of us have been lucky enough to go to England (not together, unfortunately). I had a great time there and I know Mary loved it there too. I wanted to make a picture post of food that I ate in England, to give you all an idea of what English food is like ...and I just miss England. Here we go! (Caution: you may see me in these pictures as a blonde...this might be weird for some of you)

I had this lovely meal in the Chester Cathedral in Chester, England. That is Dandellion and Burdock soda ( I still have the bottle!) and Tuna with Sweet Corn Sandwich. The soda tasted kind of like...rootbeer and dirt and greenery... But I liked it!

This is an Egg Custard. I was in the town where the Bronte sister's parsonage was and went around the corner from this pub to the little bakery. The lady laughed at me when I asked what it was.

This is Yorkshire pudding. I was totally not expecting it! (Oh the naive girl I was). This is Yorkshire pudding with bangers (sausages). It's pretty good but definitely greasy and salty, like a lot of English food.

Before I left for Europe, my dad was so excited for me to have a Ploughman's lunch. I was excited when I finally got it but it's basically just a sandwich platter. I liked the pearl onions a lot =)

I love this picture. I was at the tea room directly across the street from Jane Austen's house and my friend Annie and I had tea and crumpitts with jam and clotted cream. I'm not even kidding. It was the most picturesque thing of the day!

I love this picture too. I just saw it in a random English town one made me happy =)

This is in London. I was going to have fish and chips when I was by the coast but I was so bus sick I couldn't eat anything. The guy got mad at me because my friend Annie had other food that she wanted to sit down and eat at his restaurant and I ordered fish and chips. When he told me we couldn't eat there, I told him to make it to go...and he was grumpy about it, hence the fork.

Yes, this is also London. Yes it's raining. Yes I'm sitting ON THE GROUND in the middle of one of the dirtiest cities in the world eating sushi. This was right before I was going to see Les Miserables (I was leaning against the theatre). I went to this sushi restaurant that you went through a line with a box and picked out individually wrapped sushi rolls. It was so cool!

This is English junk food! I bought this right before I got on the Chunnel for Paris. I love English chocolate. =)

Oh, so back to the Harry Potter theme...I got to go to Lacock Abbey, where they filmed parts of the first two Harry Potter movies.

This is inside Lacock Abbey...looks like Hogwarts, huh? That's because it is!!

And finally...platform 9 3/4 at King's Cross Station in London. This was an interesting day. I dragged a bunch of my friends to go to this landmark...many of them didn't find it a priority, but I definitely did. I begged the people who came with me to videotape me asking a person in the station "Excuse me, could you tell me where I might find Platform 9 3/4?" (complete with British accent)...but none of them wanted to do I just asked a worker (no British accent) who smiled and told me where it was.

Wow, I miss England now. I wish I could go back as the person I am now. A year ago feels like forever, and I've grown up and learned a lot since then. I want to go back! Oh yeah, I also saw a guy outside the Museum of Modern Art in London that I thought was Daniel Radcliffe. I took a creepy picture of him so I could zoom in and confirm if it was indeed Daniel wasn't.

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Film professor said...

An Anglophile! This warms my heart. I found your site, researching background links to add to my online course at San Francisco State University, HUM 375: Biography of a City-- London. It specifically prepares people like yourself to get the most from Study Abroad in London, or even just from a trip. Fifteen weeks. Are you ready to step up your game? Since it's online you should be able to take it from anywhere, if you register for the one course through Open University. To get an idea of what we do, it's much like Boris Johnson's book, Johnson's London, our textbook, which teaches you by taking you to a place and then unfurling the history. We also use lots of movies, art and architecture, though. At least, read Johnson before you go back. And see, if you haven't, Albert Finney in Tom Jones, Mrs. Miniver, Sim in Scrooge (A Christmas Carol), Shakespeare in Love, and Darkest Hour. I assume you've seen every Jane Austen movie or TV series ever made, particularly Colin Firth in Pride and Prejudice. If you're at all near SF, go to the Dickens Christmas Fair. It's theater more than fair-- like being transported to 1843, an interactive theater the size of Disneyland's Fantasyland. Best wishes.