About the Blog

Did you ever read a book where the characters ate or talked about some delicious food that you had never tried?  Did you ever want to know what it tasted like, or how to cook it?

There are a bazillion books out there that mention food in them, from Homer's ambrosia and nectar to Leo Tolstoy's Russian delicacies.   Some common foods are not very mysterious, and the reader can relate to Christmas dinner with Bob Cratchit and Tiny Tim in Dickens' A Christmas Carol fairly easily.  Yet we may not be entirely sure how certain foods were prepared, or we may have never tried a Christmas goose.  And then there are other stories that have completely unfamiliar recipes.  What is this North African couscous and galettes that P.C. Wren talks about in Beau Geste?

The point is, there are all sorts of untasted foods out there that, when we read about them in literature, we think, "Hmm, I wonder what that tastes like," and then move on with the story.  No more wondering!  It's time to unlock your taste buds and combine the worlds of food and fiction! 

This blog isn't going to be a snobbish literary review, though, don't worry.  This is way more about the food than the books.  And you are more likely to see food from books you loved as a kid -- Little House, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, etc -- than works of Shakespeare or Chaucer.  But really, anything goes!  We have a list of books and plays with good food mentioned, and you are welcome to add to it!  Send us a suggestion in a comment, and we will totally cook it!

Most importantly, this is about having fun, and we hope you enjoy this delectable journey with us!