Sunday, June 19, 2011

Julie's Gone... Now What?!

It’s been nearly 2 weeks since Julie reported to the Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah to serve a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  She’ll be shipping off to Denmark sometime in August.  Very exciting stuff!  If you're not LDS and you want to know why Julie (or any Mormon for that matter) chose to serve a mission, feel free to visit for more info.

Naturally, since Julie is gone for the next year and a half, A Tale of 2 Foodies has to change its dynamic a bit.  Julie mentioned a little bit of what’s going to happen in the previous post. I’ll explain a little bit more. 

I will still be posting new recipes from literature regularly (my goal is at least once every two weeks – hopefully much more).  Julie is planning to send along cool food info and possibly recipes from Denmark.  I don’t know how much she can tell us about Denmark before she gets there, but for now the plan is a quick howdy from the Land of the Danes once a month.

Now, this blog is a lot of work to keep up by myself, but I definitely want there to be as much cool food/literature posted on here as often as possible.  So I’m recruiting help. 

First: I’ve invited a close friend and ex-roommate from Southern Virginia University, Anna, to help write stuff on the blog.  Don’t worry; I got permission from Julie first.  There’s no usurping of authorship here.  :)   Anna is a Dietetics major at BYU Provo, and is an amazing cook.  She knows tons of cool cooking techniques, as well as the science behind food, so she’s an excellent person to have on hand as a recurring guest on A Tale of Two Foodies.  We hope to hear from Anna at least once a month. 

Second: I’m offering you guys the chance to be authors as well.  Do you love to cook?  Do you love to read?  Would you like to pitch in a post to our humble blog?  The fact of the matter is, there are countless books out there, and everyone has their own genre preferences.  So the more varied literature and food we have, the more awesome our collection of recipes will be!

We need your help!!

If you would like to submit a blog post, please email ataleof2foodies@hotmail[dot]com with the subject “Guest Foodie.”  If you have the perfect recipe from a piece of literature, but you don’t want to write for the blog, please email me your ideas!  You can also leave a comment on any post and I’ll get the message.  Any input would be fantastic!

Basically, the point of this whole post is to say that we’re going to work hard to have a post up every week.  The more input/ideas we get, the more often we can post.  So help us make this blog a regular hub for avid readers and foodies alike!  Send us stuff!

I suppose now the blog name is a little inaccurate.  It should be A Tale of 2 Foodies and Their Awesome Friends. I hope you readers know that both Julie and I love you guys and especially love hearing from you.  We’ve been having so much fun on our food blog adventure and hope that you are, too!

Thanks so much for reading.  We’ll get back to our regular programming shortly.  (There’s still more of the tea party to report on.  Be excited!)

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