Saturday, November 5, 2011

Recipes You Should Try!

I don't have any food from literature for you today, but I do have some delicious recipe recommendations!  I don't know what got into me this week -- I just randomly decided to make a bunch of cool stuff.

First, I made homemade hot pockets.  I used biscuit dough for the pockets (from this recipe), rolled it out as thin as I could get it, and then cut it into rectangles.  Then I spread some ranch dressing on the squares and added lots of cheddar cheese, turkey pieces, and cooked broccoli.  Then I sealed them up and baked them for 15-20 minutes.  Added some butter on top before serving.  They turned out wonderfully (way better than actual hot pockets)!  They're great to have in the fridge for a lunch on the go.

Then I was bored one night, so I decided to make homemade sprinkles!  Anna sent me a recipe for them, and I thought, "Hey, why not?"  You can check out the sprinkles recipe here.  I attempted to do some chocolate sprinkles, but they failed because the cocoa powder made it too dry and thick to push through a pastry tip.  But I made green ones that worked wonderfully!  And they taste like sprinkles should taste!  It wasn't really worth the effort -- a lot easier and faster and cheaper to just buy some sprinkles -- but it was fun to do once.

And lastly, I made some Apple Pumpkin Soup!  I had all the ingredients, so I just went for it. And it was amazing!  I will totally be making this again!  It was tart, slightly sweet (but not really), and just all around delicious!

I don't have an immersion blender, so it's a little chunky, but I liked it that way.

Be advised, though, that it is never a good idea to let a pan sit on a hot burner for a long duration of time and then add oil.  It starts big scary grease fires.  Luckily I acted quickly and got some baking soda on it, which put it out instantly.  But it was kinda freaky for a second there. In case you don't know this already: NEVER put water on a grease fire.  Never blow on a grease fire.  Never go running around with a flaming pan of grease (that's how two girls at SVU ended up in the hospital with 3rd degree burns that required skin grafts).  A level head and some baking soda are all you need.

The charred remains of my grease fire + baking soda
I also made some stuff we have previously made for this blog:  Shepherd's Pie and Pumpkin Pasties.  I brought the pumpkin pasties to workshop, and they were a huge hit.  (It helped that this time I mixed cinnamon and nutmeg into the pie crust dough, and mixed a little salt in with sugar to sprinkle on top). 

This is why I love fall!  There are so many delicious treats to make.  Baking season is upon us!  Rally your hot pads and taste testers!  This season promises to be delicious!

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Rachel said...

I love pumpkin! But it's expensive. Even at Costco, it's $2.50 a can. I'm sure I'd like all those fancy pumpkin recipes out there, but I never make them. I'm actually content with plain old pumpkin pie. I really do have simple tastes, because I don't ever tire of the same things. I still love a good PB&J sandwich for lunch.